What to Consider for a New Toothbrush with Your Dentist in Peoria IL

Although Dr. Whitson, our general dentist in Peoria, has a great amount of tools and all of the skills needed to help fix your smile, it is your at-home contributions to your oral health can mean just as much.


As a matter of fact, you are lucky enough to have one of the most powerful, as well as popular, tools in dentistry in your very home right now: the toothbrush!


And while the toothbrush is unfortunately and often overlooked, twice daily brushing for at least two minutes per session can help you successfully march on your way towards amazing oral health.


But as common brushers ourselves, we know the struggle. The choices that are out there…


How does one pick their next brush knowing it will be the best option for them?


Fear not! Our general dentist in Peoria has taken some time out to compare and contrast two of the most popular styles of toothbrushes, the electric and manual, to help you in buying your next brush.


The manual toothbrush is…

- Available in a great variety of different colors, sizes and from different companies you know and love

- Easy to replace in case you lose or break it, with a very reasonable price tag

- Compact and does not have many pieces, so easy to travel with

- Reliant upon your ability and dedication to brushing to be successful


The electric toothbrush is…

- Available in a generally more “bland” color pallet, but available from the top companies in oral care

- Comprised of more parts, like replaceable heads, cable, and stands, so not as easy to travel with

- A bit more expensive to replace as a whole or to buy parts for

- The most efficient means of cleaning the teeth, with the least amount of effort required


Even in this modern age where everything must be electric or digital, the manual toothbrush can still hold its ground against the electric as long as it is being utilized properly daily. If you need help reviewing your brushing technique or timing, make sure to ask our general dentist in Peoria for a refresher at your next office visit.


You can schedule that appointment by calling us today at (309) 688-7321.



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