Our Peoria Dentist Shares Flossing Tips to Improve Your Oral Health

Unfortunately, most of the patients of our Peoria dentist do not love flossing as much as they could. Flossing is often seen as the more “difficult” or “tedious” task when it comes to an oral health regimen but is just as essential as brushing your teeth.


In fact, you should be flossing your teeth at least once daily to remove all of the bacteria and particles that hide in the “hard to reach” areas between teeth and at the gumline. Without removing these hidden particles, all sorts of oral health issues, such as decay and disease for starters, can begin to impact you in a rather short time frame.


To help potentially “stir up” the interest in flossing, our Peoria dentist has compiled a few lesser-known flossing facts for you to consider:


Happy Floss, Happy Brush: while some may interchange these certain words to reflect on a saying about marriage, it can also hold true for your regimen. Your flossing not only helps your smile, but can help your brushing habit. While flossing after brushing, which is most common, can help get rid of anything your brush missed, flossing before brushing can help loosen up particles between the teeth that the brush can then sweep away. Changing up your regimen every once and a while can help improve your smile tremendously.


Floss is not reusable: even though a majority of patients have switched over from the traditional spindle of floss to the disposable, portable little flossers- you still cannot reuse them. Even though you may have flossed and see no visible particles or debris on the string, there is always going to be microscopic, harmful bacteria that can be re-introduced and cause issues if given the opportunity.


Fifty-Percent: that is the average number of patients who do not floss daily. Of that same group, ten percent admit that they virtually never, or barely ever floss. Your Peoria dentist certainly hopes you do not fall into either of these percentiles.


If you are not currently in the OTHER fifty percent of patients that DO floss daily, our Peoria dentist hopes that you decide to join the party sooner rather than later to keep your amazing smile shining for years to come.


For more information or to schedule an appointment with our team, call our office today at (309) 688-7321.

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