When might a dentist in the 61616 area suggest the placement of porcelain crowns?


Dental work sometimes requires the help of certain restorations to provide an extra layer of protection for the tooth’s structure. A common restoration used in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry is that of the dental crown. A dental crown is a porcelain “cap” that is specially made for a patient to bond over the top of a tooth and provide an extra layer of protection. This restoration is extremely typical for many of our patients.


When might a dentist recommend a dental crown? There are several situations which may arise in which a dental crown may be beneficial. The first is for an extra layer of protection. A perfect example is when a patient undergoes root canal therapy. Root canal therapy removes the dental pulp from inside of a tooth that provides the blood supply and nerves. When removed, the tooth can become extremely weak and brittle. Placing a crown over this tooth offers a layer of protection to keep the structure intact. Another reason might be due to a large cavity. Fillings alone may not be able to keep the structure from cracking, so bonding a dental crown on top is a great way to keep further issues from occurring. Second, dental crowns may be needed to cover a dental implant and act as a false tooth. This restoration is placed over the abutment of the implant and makes it look and function like the natural tooth that was once there. Third, a crown may cover a tooth that is broken or chipped. Teeth that have had an injury to them may be sharp or more prone to breakage, and a dental crown can maintain the tooth and allow a patient to avoid unnecessary extraction.


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