Family Dentist in Peoria, IL Shares Signs and Solution

Tongue tie and lip tie are two conditions that often go hand in hand. Tongue tie is when a band of tissue called the frenulum is short or thick. This is the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Lip tie involves the band that connects the gum to the upper lip.
Symptoms of Tongue Tie
Most often the symptoms become clear as an infant, especially if the baby has trouble breastfeeding. It also causes symptoms such as:
Difficulty swallowing
Trouble with chewing
Acid reflux
Tongue Tie Surgery
It is often recommended that the tongue tie gets corrected with surgery. This is performed with a state of the art laser which makes a quick and precise cut to the affected tissue. This in-office treatment requires minimal numbing and normally has very little bleeding. In fact, the entire process takes just minutes.
Some benefits include:
There isn’t any general anesthesia used
Minimal post-op pain or swelling
No stitches
High success rate
The outcome of the surgery is good and leads to long-term positive effects such as:
Increasing the effectiveness of the infant’s nursing ability
Reducing the breast pain of a nursing mother
Ensuring that the body receives adequate amounts of milk
Alleviates colic, gassiness and reflux in the baby
What to Expect after Surgery?
Once the surgery is complete, you can nurse the baby immediately. The numbing medication tends to wear off in about thirty minutes. The dentist will help you learn some stretching exercises to help your baby have a better recovery from the surgery. These stretches are simple and can be done as a play activity with the baby. 
The most important thing is that early symptoms are discussed with your dentist early. The sooner you treat a tongue-tied infant; the easier recovery will be for both of you. This common issue is easily treated and causes your baby little pain. Allowing it to persist can lead to larger problems as your child gets older, so be sure to address the concern right away. Your family dentist in Peoria, IL will know the right treatment for your individual needs.
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