Peoria IL Dentist Fights Dental Rumors that Can Harm Your Smile

As a top provider of dentistry in Peoria, our office treats patients daily who would go to great lengths in order to keep their teeth in top shape. While striving for the best mouth possible, sometimes we may believe in rumors or miracles “cures” that seem legitimate and harmless enough to attempt, but can often prove to be just the opposite. Today we will be taking a look at two popular dental treatment rumors that actually prove to be “too good to be the tooth.”


The first rumor we will look at relates to relieving a toothache by means of aspirin. Of course taking these pills (in some form) has proven to be effective in dismissing minor aches and pains for centuries, but it is the means of the application that are in question here. Several patients have heard from the friend of a friend that by placing an aspirin in the mouth, next to a tooth that was aching, or by actually crushing the tablet on top of the tooth, that they saw relief from their pain. While this would be an amazing feat, it is not true and not recommended. Aspirin is only effective when allowed to enter the bloodstream, preferably by the method of oral digestion. Allowing the aspirin to sit on the soft tissue of your mouth and the safety coating to wear off is a terrible idea on its own. The very chemical makeup of aspirin is acidic, and if left in the mouth too long- can lead to burns of the tissue it was resting on. As a result, you would then be left with not only a painful burn, but a toothache still too- so to dismiss this rumor is good for you.


Next, as professionals of dentistry in Peoria, we fully support patients who want to make a positive impact in their lives by changing their diets. One thing we have seen as a global trend of dieting options have become more popular over the years is a lack of attention paid to nutritional labels. The rumor that “anything diet is better for you than regular” is not necessarily true, and that pertains to the context of your teeth as well. Sure, diet soda can be considered better because it uses artificial sweetener instead of real, cavity and decay-causing sugars. What you may not consider in this switch-off, however, is the levels of acid present in the beverage. High acidity levels, which prove to be relatively similar to diet and regular options, can be just as harmful to teeth and enamel as sugars are- so please be aware of what you eat and why.


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