Leading Dentistry in Peoria Shares Tooth Friendly Independence Day Tips

Everyone wants to have a great time this Fourth of July and you surely deserve to enjoy yourself. Holidays are often stressful, especially on our teeth. We forget about the guidelines that are in place to protect ourselves, so it’s important to do a quick reminder of what’s important.  With the help of our leading dentistry in Peoria, we want our patients to have a good time and celebrate freedom with these tooth-friendly tips.
What to Eat
It’s tempting to indulge in candy and chips, but this isn’t what’s best for your overall health. You can create some delicious treats that are also beneficial for your mouth. Consider a patriotic parfait made with Greek yogurt and berries. The yogurt is a super food to strengthen your tooth enamel while the berries give you just the right amount of sweetness. Kids love to get involved in making these desserts as well, so get them excited about taking care of their teeth. 
Drink Water
Water is vital for numerous reasons, so don’t skimp on your consumption. First, you are celebrating outdoors and it gets hot. Staying hydrated is essential for your entire body as well as to create saliva in your mouth.
In addition, you likely won’t have a toothbrush on hand at the fireworks display. After you’ve eaten, you need to rinse all the bacteria away with some water. It’s the next best thing to brushing and helps release those trapped particles hiding between your teeth. 
Travel Tips
If you are heading out for a trip during the holiday, pack everyone a tooth care bag. This will enable you to stay on your routine and encourage good dental health. Put everybody’s toothpaste, toothbrush and floss inside. Consider getting your kids a “special” bag to help them be more excited. It can include a new toothbrush, fun toothpaste and floss of their choice. They might even want to use some craft supplies to decorate the kit. It’s just what they need to look forward to brushing their teeth every day.
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