Make Your Child's Dental Visit Enjoyable with the Help of Our Peoria Family Dental Care

It is an often misconceived notion that just because a child’s “baby teeth” eventually fall out that they don't need to be properly cared for. Taking care of these teeth is a strong indicator and precedent for how their permanent teeth will come in. These areas of your child's teeth are vulnerable, so with the help of our Peoria family dental care, we're happy to provide helpful and informative tips to protect and strengthen their smile.


We suggest bringing your child in for their first appointment as soon as their first set of teeth are coming in, probably just after or around their first birthday. At this visit, we'll go over proper cleaning methods for the child’s teeth as well as discussing dietary ideas that will help avoid the ever-growing issue of childhood cavities.


But what about before this visit? Isn’t the dentist just scary to all children alike?


The answer to this question should be a no! Most of the fears we come to develop may start young, but as the parent, it's important to take note of these fears and properly address them with your child. By treating the appointment as a visit to any other place they enjoy going, you'll establish that they have a fear-free relationship with these visits for years to come.


To better accomplish preparation for their first visit, contact our Peoria family dental care office to discuss what will be happening at the appointment. That way you're able to have this conversation with your child, as well, while also describing why it is important and show them how “big kids do it!”


Use of bribery, especially with sugary snacks, is never a good idea. The promise of a toy or a trip to their favorite place may be more appropriate, but may also enforce bad habits in the future, so it's important to address these visits in a mature way for the sake of your child's smile.


For more assistance in preparing your child for their first visit to our Peoria family dental care office, or to find out what that visit will include, call our office today at (309) 688-7321.

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