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Dental implants have a number of benefits for anyone who experienced tooth loss due to disease or injury. They are considered as the best way for anyone to replace damaged or missing teeth. Their durability, aesthetics, and stability make them the best option as compared to other available treatments. But the use of dental implants also has some disadvantages or side effects.


The following are some side effects you should consider if you are thinking of getting a dental implant.



Since dental implants require surgery, bleeding may occur in the area where the surgery was performed. While this bleeding will eventually stop, the area may continue to bleed up to 48 hours. You can try to stop the bleeding by biting on a gauze pack or by taking medication.



Even as an anesthesia is used to reduce pain during the surgery, you may experience some discomfort after the surgery once the anesthesia has worn off. But this pain can be managed by taking the pain relievers prescribed by your dentist.



Another side effect that you may notice after the dental implant surgery is bruising on your face. Your gums may also have some type of discoloration, but the bruising and discoloration will disappear a few days after your surgery.



If you do not follow the instructions of your dentist after your surgery, you may experience infection on the implant site. It is also common among patients with diabetes or patients who smoke. You can avoid this situation by observing proper oral hygiene and taking the prescribed antibiotics.



Similar to bruising, the swelling that you may notice around the implant area will disappear after a few days.  You can also reduce the swelling by using an ice pack.


Even as dental implants offer a number of benefits to people who lost a tooth or two, there are also some side effects due to the surgical procedure required for this dental solution. However, you can reduce or avoid these side effects by following the prescriptions of your dentist in Peoria and observing proper oral hygiene.

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