See What Could be Damaging Your Teeth Without Your Knowledge with the Best Dentist in Peoria IL


Many patients don’t think about the way they’re treating their teeth throughout their daily routine besides simply brushing in the morning when they wake up and at night before they go to bed. Unfortunately, there’s much more care to remember every day when it comes to your smile. That’s why the best dentist in Peoria IL is here to provide a list of behaviors patients should be avoiding, especially when they may not know they’re damaging their teeth in the first place!


Chewing on Ice
This is a pretty popular behavior to pass the time that many patients indulge in, mostly those who have an oral fixation (which also includes nail biting). Although it’s appealing, it can cause some serious damage to your teeth. Your teeth aren’t strong enough to withstand any chips, cracks or breaks that the ice can cause if you’re constantly chewing. Don’t make a habit of it; the more you chew and crunch, the more your teeth are suffering.


Constant Snacking
While snacking is usually seen as a fun activity, it’s not fun to see your teeth endure the consequences! If you’re snacking on things like chips and candies in between your main meals, your teeth are never getting a break from the constant attacks of bacteria and acidity. If the urge of snacking overwhelms you, try substituting any harmful snacks for healthier ones like chopped up apples and pears, or carrots and celery.


Drinking Fruit Juice
The main reason that children (and some adults) enjoy fruit juice is because of its sweet flavors. Unfortunately, there are some fruit juices that contain much more sugar than natural fruit juices. These drinks can cause the same amount of damage, if not more than sodas do! The artificial sugars inside the juices are eroding at the surface of your teeth and causing stains. We suggest simply eating your favorite fruits and drinking lots and lots of water!


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