Dentistry in Peoria Discusses All About Your Enamel


Enamel shaping is a perfect solution for correcting the look of misshapen, oversized, rough or uneven teeth. Small chips in the tooth can look unpleasing and even feel irritating to the tongue. A quick and inexpensive method for treating these tooth issues is enamel shaping. A tooth’s enamel is the tough outer covering or shell that protects the softer inside of the tooth. When very fine cosmetic adjustments need to be made to the enamel, your Peoria cosmetic dentist may decide to use a reshaping procedure.


By using similar tools that polish teeth during a routine cleaning, your Peoria cosmetic dentist is able to reshape or re-contour your tooth enamel. The goal is to remove a very small amount of the surface to create a smoother look. This procedure is so quick and simple that anesthetic or numbing is not usually used. Bonding is another procedure used to make cosmetic improvements to fill holes or small gaps in the teeth. Although, bonding is essentially the opposite of enamel reshaping, it can be used in conjunction with reshaping in order to better improve your smile. For bonding, your Peoria cosmetic dentist will add a small amount of tooth-colored resin material to fill holes or small gaps in the teeth. Then, we’ll use a polishing tool to smooth out the surface.


If you are dissatisfied with the tiny chips or roughened teeth, please don’t hesitate to give your Peoria cosmetic dentist a call at (309) 688-7321.




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