Dentist Peoria Oral Health and Serious Illness

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The best dentist in Peoria, Dr. Whitson, wants to make sure everyone knows that cavities, tooth decay, and losing teeth are not the only concerns of poor oral hygiene. It has been discovered that poor oral hygiene has been linked to diabetes and heart disease.
Not taking care of your oral health can also lead to many oral diseases. By simply just brushing, flossing, visiting Dr. Whitson, and taking a few other precautions, you can avoid these oral illnesses. It has been calculated that nearly 100% of adults have had painful and discomforting cavities. For this reason, it is important to teach adequate oral hygiene skills at a young age. This way, children will carry their oral health knowledge with them into adulthood. Avoid being part of the 15% to 20% of adults with severe gum disease and tooth loss; take care of your teeth. 
Teeth have many purposes. They allow you to talk, eat, sing and perform many other daily functions. Be good to your teeth and they will be good to you.
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