Dentist in Peoria & Moline IL Leads You Through the Dentistry Museum!


Who doesn’t love an exciting trip to a fun and educational museum? Students love being able to get out of the classroom and head out on a field trip where they can see education out in the ‘real world.’ Fortunately for students of Baltimore City Public Schools, the National Museum of Dentistry in Maryland and the University of Maryland School of Dentistry are partnering up to provide students with a chance to explore the museum and familiarize the children with dentistry with the hopes of inspiring them to pursue careers as dentists and hygienists.


Although the National Museum of Dentistry is a long way from our Peoria patients, we still wanted to share the best exhibits and historical information that the very special National Museum of Dentistry in Maryland has to offer!


Home to George Washington’s not-so-wooden teeth, cartoon toothbrushes featuring Mickey Mouse and Fred Flinstone, and Queen Victoria’s personal oral hygiene instruments, the National Museum of Dentistry is a fun and informative place designed for kids, adults and teens to get excited about dentistry! The museum features over 40,000 objects of collected dental instruments, furniture, and artwork. With toothbrushes from as old as the 1800s and dentifrice containers from the French King Louis XVI, there are surely interesting objects around every corner. We even heard that they have a giant-sized Evel Knievel toothbrush. Now that’s some seriously dangerous brushing!

If any of our Peoria Family Dental patients are ever fortunate enough to visit Baltimore, Maryland, we highly recommend making a stop at the National Museum of Dentistry. It’s sure to get your kids excited about oral health care and they’ll even learn a thing or two!




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