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Individual patients experience the signs, symptoms and impact of dental issues differently. An extreme ache in the mouth can last a week for one patient and be indicative of nothing, while another patient feels no pain and requires a root canal.


Nerves, tolerance and a ton of other factors come into play here, but in order for the “book on dentistry” to have been written, there has to be some consistencies in symptoms. Today, our Peoria IL dentist will be looking at some of the most common dental symptoms and signs and explain what they could be indicative of for you.


5) Mouth sores: any sores that last longer than a week should be a cause for concern for a patient. They can be caused by simple bacterial infections or cuts, but also by viruses and be indicators of greater problems like oral cancer. Our Peoria IL dentist can help you identify and treat them accordingly.


4) Toothache: although a majority of toothache can be brought on by something as simple as a cavity, it can also correlate to gum disease, infection, abscess, impaction and other dental issues.


3) Bad breath: your foods and drink may not be the only thing that causes your breath to stink. Prolonged bad breath can be a result of an underdone at-home oral health regimen, but can also be linked to serious decay, gum disease and more.


2) Bleeding gums: a bit of blood in your spit when flossing or brushing can indicate that you may not be flossing or brushing as regularly as thoroughly as you should be. Ultimately it can mean your gums are inflamed and could be in the early stages of periodontal disease.


1) Teeth Sensitivity: prolonged exposure to acids and sugars can cause microscopic holes in the teeth. These holes can allow for these substances to come into contact with the nerve at the center of the teeth, causing intense pain. Gum recession, gum disease and teeth fracture can also cause sensitive teeth pain.


No matter your symptom or ache, an assessment and treatment plan with our Peoria IL dentist will be one of the best ways to take care of it. Call our office today at (309) 688-7321 to schedule an appointment.

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