Peoria General Dentist Shares how to Protect Your Smile from Periodontal Problems

As a leading general dentist in Peoria, Dr. Whitson often sees a common starting place for issues like disease, decay and more dental issues: bleeding gums.


Today, we've compiled some information about the causes, impact and ways to treat this issue before it develops into something worse for you.


Most patients say that they initially notice their gums bleeding as a result of brushing their teeth or flossing. This bleeding is typically caused by an inflammation of the gums which stirs from a main cause of not brushing or flossing enough. By not partaking in an oral health regimen daily, the gums can inflame and bleed at the simplest touch, and also be in the early stages of periodontitis, gum disease.


The best way to beat the bleeding can be to persevere through the habits you may have been lacking in the first place! Keep brushing and flossing daily to stop your gums from bleeding or to prevent it all together!


If your regimen does not improve, the most common result can be the growth of gum disease. This can also lead to decay or other diseases forming easier, tooth loss and structural damage too. Other whole-body-health issues such as diabetes and heart disease are also being seen as a common link to gum disease more and more daily.


Save yourself from not only the unsightliness of bleeding gums but the consequences and prices that can be correlated to the greater stemming issues as well. Brush twice daily using proper technique and floss at least once daily to take the best step towards amazing oral health that will last a lifetime.


For more information on gum disease, oral health regimens or to schedule an appointment with our general dentist in Peoria, call our office today at (309) 688-7321.

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