Family Dentist in Peoria IL Shares Why Flossing Matters for Your Smile

Flossing is an essential portion of your daily at-home regimen. In fact, by choosing to not floss daily, you are not cleaning approximately 1/3rd of your mouth. And while you can ask your Peoria cosmetic dentist for a demonstration on how to floss properly at your next visit, or read over our FAQ page for some tips- today we decided to provide our patients with some more in-depth information on why flossing is so important.


The most obvious place one will see damage due to a lack of flossing is in the gum and teeth region. With the assistance of floss, you can clean in between the teeth to get at those “hard to reach areas” that your toothbrush or even your saliva can not assist. This allows you to remove any leftover particles or bacteria that over time can build and develop into decay, disease and worse. A clear indicator of an improper job flossing will come in the form of bleeding gums and inflammation. By even just touching your gums with a toothbrush or floss at this point, bleeding can begin and won’t permanently stop unless you see to flossing and cleaning properly and regularly. 


While the threat of losing teeth, bone structure or periodontitis may be enough influence for someone to start flossing more regularly, correlations between gum disease and other bodily health issues are being linked more and more every day. Doctors have found connections between patients with severe gum disease and elevated risk or attainment of heart disease, diabetes, lung problems and more. The theory behind this is that harmful oral bacteria built up by a lack of flossing escapes into the bloodstream through pockets in the gums, causing these other whole-body-health issues.


Though every patient who does not floss properly will NOT end up with heart disease or more serious issues, why risk it? Your Peoria cosmetic dentist recommends flossing at least once daily to ensure not only your mouth, but your whole body, stays healthy as can be for the years to come.


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