Peoria Family Dental Stresses Monitoring Your Diet to Protect Your Smile

While a number of the blogs composed by the top provider of dentistry in Peoria may focus on “what” it is that you eat that can be detrimental to you, today we will be looking at “how” it is that you eat that may affect your teeth. Things like pace, size, and order may play a bigger role in decay and disease than you ever thought…


Pace, how fast you may eat your food, may affect the shape of your teeth in the long run. By eating too quickly, you may not be allowing your saliva to do its job, which is to help break down some of your meal before hitting your digestive track. If saliva does not get to work properly, it can lead to acid reflux and dismal nutrient absorption, both of which can come back to impact the teeth in their own ways. The old “chew X times then swallow” bit our parents told us holds true here.


The size of our meals can also impact our mouth too. Size as in quantity and even physical inches, feet, pounds, etc. Not only can you potentially suffer the destructive forces of diseases like diabetes and obesity from meal consumption that is too large (quantity) over time, but in physical measurement means it can damage your jaw as well. Trying to stretch open your mouth to fit a big burger or sandwich can destroy the hinges of our jaw, resulting in potential structural issues and more.


Lastly, the order of a meal can play a big role in oral health. For instance, if you are having a meal that is several courses- it is traditional to have the dessert last. If you just must have this sugary course, having it before your entrée can actually be more beneficial to you. That way when you eat and drink during your main meal you can be naturally washing away some of the super sugary dessert particles in the process. Try your brownie before your chicken cutlet, you may never look at 4-course meals the same again.


To find out more information on how you eat can affect your teeth, or to schedule an appointment with your top provider of dentistry in Peoria, please call our office today at (309) 688-7321.



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