Keep Your Smile Less-Spooky This October

Is it downright cruel for National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween to both be in October, or is it actually the perfect opportunity to learn? Your Peoria family dentist, Dr. Whitson, thinks the latter. Not only is this month a great time to review tips on keeping your smile fantastic at home, but it is also a great time to analyze how the candy you or your young ones may be indulging in around the 31st can directly impact oral health.


And while you can review our whole back-catalogue of oral health blogs to pick up some great tips that go more in line with National Dental Hygiene Month, we have provided some lesser known facts about how you can further enjoy your Halloween candy below!



With bowls full of our favorite candy sitting in front of us for days, sometimes weeks this month, it can be very tempting to dive right in and eat all of it at once. By limiting yourself to only one or two pieces of your favorite sweets in a day, you can not only lowering the impact that the candy can have on your teeth- but you can be stretching out the lifespan of your supply too!



Much with in the same vein as “moderation” above, it is important not only to NOT eat all of your candy at once but to not let it be a continuous thing during the day. If you have 15 bite size bars in 10 minutes or 15 during a 7-hour span, both can be harmful to your oral health. Make sure to brush and floss in between servings, as much as you can.


Avoid Sticky Situations

Sticky candy is the absolute worst for you. It can get stuck between your teeth easier, allowing for sugar to sit on the teeth longer after it has already been eaten. Try chocolate candies instead.


For more trick-or-treat candy tips, call the office of your family dentist in Peoria IL today at (309) 688-7321. Happy Halloween from the family of J.S. Whitson LTD to yours!

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