General Dentistry Solutions Performed by Our Dentistry in Peoria and Beyond

At J.S. Whitson, LTD, our dentistry in Peoria, we are excited to provide general and cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients in and around the area. We encourage patients to take the time to learn about all we have to offer for achieving and maintaining oral health and wellness. A few of the more common procedures performed in our practice for oral health improvements include:


 Dental Cleanings – a dental cleaning is a great way for patients to address plaque, tartar, and bacteria they may not have been able to get off with brushing and flossing on their own each day. This is a thorough, deep cleaning that can keep the entire smile looking great!


• Dental Examinations and X-Rays – patients should have their dental professional check their smile at least twice a year to diagnose any problems early enough for effective intervention. X-rays can also help in checking areas of the smile that are not visible to the dentist during a physical evaluation.


• Fillings – at the practice of J.S. Whitson, LTD, Drs. Jeffrey Whitson and Gary Cunningham provide both composite resin fillings and amalgam fillings. Composite resin fillings are more aesthetic and are often requested by patients worried about the cosmetic appearance of their smile after a filling is placed.


• Tooth Extractions – when teeth need to be removed, our team can help! Teeth may be extracted due to problems such as impaction, disease, decay, injury, or to prepare for the placement of dentures or orthodontics.


• Root Canal Therapy – one way to salvage a natural tooth is by having root canal therapy performed. Also known as endodontic treatment, this procedure removes the inner portion of the tooth to eliminate pain and discomfort felt by the patient due to disease or infection.


• Dental Implants – replacing missing teeth is often achieved with the use of dental implants. These restorations are commonly requested by patients seeking a permanent option for their smile.



Patients ready to find out more about general dentistry solutions are welcome to contact the practice at (309) 688-7321 and make an appointment with our dedicated team of professionals. We are always accepting new patients in the community and are ready to meet you!

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