Let Our Peoria Family Dental Care Share Helpful Tips for School Meals

As the summer season comes to a close and children are heading back to school, oral health routines may not always be the easiest to monitor. With all of the sports, errands, classes and more going on- not only keeping track of these routines but establishing the proper ones in the first place can be essential to your young one’s growing mouths.


With that in mind, today our top providers of Peoria family dental care have generated some tips for how you can establish healthy school time habits for you and your children!


Do What You Can About DIET

Starting off with a healthy breakfast is a step that cannot only impact your child’s performance during the day but also their oral health. Instead of giving them a bowl of sugary cereal or even pastries, try to make oatmeal and/or fresh fruit an option every once and a while. Milk or water “spiced up” with some cucumber can also be a mouth healthy alternative to juices as well.


It may be harder to “control” what your kids are having at school for lunch, so all you can do is try your best. For packed/bagged lunches, supply them with fruits, veggies and healthy beverages to enjoy. They may try some “back door” deals in getting rid of that apple for a candy bar, but talking to them like adults about the detriments of these options could be helpful. Also, being knowledgeable about what kinds of food are served at school, access to vending machines and more will help you create insightful decisions for their oral health.


Setting At-Home Regimen Standards

Besides diet, brushing and flossing daily is essential for children of all ages. Try to make sure that they do so once before heading out the door for school and then once again before bedtime. If having trouble getting them in-sync with a regimen, try brushing alongside them and demonstrating proper technique and timing for their cleaning habit to become second nature.


For more information on establishing oral health school time habits with your kids, call the office of our top provider of Peoria family dental care today at (309) 688-7321.

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