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Whether it comes as an automatic response, because you are embarrassed, or just genuinely happy- your smile is a powerful, statement making gesture. More than likely due to how exposed we are to them, however, most people can take the benefits of a smile for granted or not even be aware of them. Today your dentist in Peoria IL is here to explain and help you see the advantages of smiling on and on.


Though some of the benefits listed in this article go very deep, the first one worth mentioning is the overt. You always look your best when you are smiling. Even if you are missing a tooth or your teeth are not perfectly straight, confidence and happiness can just pour out of you every time you smile. From a physical stand point, smiling helps flex particular muscles in the face, giving you a natural “lift” that makes you appear younger too. And don’t forget that a smile to the right person can help spark up a relationship that may not have existed if you didn’t open the door with your first ear to ear grin.


Not only does your smile look great in all your selfies, but it does have whole body health benefits as well. When you smile, certain hormones and endorphins make their way into your body that help improve your mood, reduce stress and can even lessen pain. By smiling more you can also help put your immune system at ease, so that when a disease or problem arises, your body can react to fighting it off even quicker.


Last, but not least, while it is a stupendous cliché we have all heard, evidence backs the fact that smiling really is contagious. About 50% of the people who you smile at will then smile back or smile at someone else, so you can smile even more knowing that you can so easily share all of these benefits with others.


In order to reap all the benefits of flashing a smile, you first have to have one that you enjoy showing off! For all issues concerning your smile, make an appointment with your dentist in Peoria IL by calling (309) 688-7321 today!




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