Peoria Family Dental Care Shares the Types of Food that Harm Your Smile

Though different foods are essential for your well-being, some of them can damage your dental health! Multiple kinds of foods can deteriorate your teeth, but what foods should you be especially careful of?


Acidic Foods


From sauces to citrus, if the food is acidic, it'll damage your teeth. The acid in these kinds of foods eats away at your enamel. This is worsened when brushing is avoided as the acid sits on your teeth for several hours, giving it plenty of time to cause damage.


Sweet and Sour foods


Most people know that sweet foods, like sugar and candy, are bad for your teeth, the sugar, much like acid in foods, erodes your enamel showing the root and other sensitive parts of your teeth. Sour foods can be bad for you, too though, the sour aspect in food is often derived from sugar or citric acid, making sour foods just as bad as sugary ones for your dental health.


Hard Foods


Chips and candies are sharp, crunchy, and at the right angle, a terror for teeth. If you already have damaged or sensitive teeth avoiding potato chips is a good idea. They can jab and poke at your already sensitive teeth, causing more damage. Hard candies, when chewed, can also damage your teeth significantly, potentially cracking and breaking them.



Here at our Peoria family dental care, we know it can't be easy avoiding certain foods sometimes; it's necessary. Thankfully if your teeth are in good condition, you don't have to altogether avoid these kinds of foods. Just be aware of how they can affect your dental health and take steps to minimize their impact.


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