Corrected Damaged, Chipped Teeth with Your Peoria Cosmetic Dentist

Dental bonding or cosmetic bonding is a discovery in modern dentistry in which a chipped tooth is repaired through a tooth-colored resin material. It is applied and hardened with a special light that bonds the plastic material to the broken tooth in order to restore it. Aside from repairing the chipped tooth, dental bonding is also considered in fixing decayed teeth by filling cavities, improving discolored teeth appearance, changing teeth shape, and getting root protection. Usually, the process takes about 30 to 60 minutes per tooth.


• The Dental Bonding Procedure

A. Preparation: It only requires minimal preparation time for dental bonding. Unlike most dental procedures, anesthesia is not needed except when the bonding is for filling a decayed tooth. The dentist will choose the matching shade for your tooth color.


B. Actual Bonding: The tooth’s surface will be toughened, and then a conditioning fluid is applied helping the bonding material to stick to the tooth. The tooth-colored composite resin is then applied, formed, and smoothed to the needed shape. To harden the material, a laser or ultraviolet light is used. Once is it hardened, the dentist will trim and polish the material to match the tooth surface making it look natural.


  • The Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

A. Pros:

· As mentioned above, anesthesia is often not necessary.

· It has the least number of tooth enamel removed during the procedure.

· It is one of the easiest and least costly dental procedures.

· It can be created and done at any hygienic location unlike other sensitive processes which requires laboratories.


B. Cons:

· The material cannot totally resist the stains.

· It doesn't last that long unlike veneers, fillings, and crowns.

· If not carefully handled, it can chip and break off the tooth further.


Of course, most importantly before proceeding, consult a dentist first about the best cosmetic approach for your specific problem.

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