Caring for the Teeth of a Young Child

Children between the ages of five and seven seem to think they can handle their oral care alone, but many of them aren’t equipped at this time to do that. Some of them lack the manual dexterity while others simply aren’t responsible enough yet. That’s why the parent needs to take extra steps to protect their child from tooth decay. Here are some tips to help you out from Peoria Family Dentist.


Help Them Clean their Teeth

Until your children are a little older, you must “help” them to brush and floss. Do this by allowing them to clean first, and then do a follow-up check of your own. Since most young children thrive on having a schedule, it’s essential that you set aside time in the morning and evening to do this together. Better yet, do it with your oral hygiene care to create a bonding experience.


Allow Them to Pick the Gear

The store is filled with oral hygiene tools that your kids will get excited about. Allow them to pick their favorite toothbrush. Just make sure it’s:

  • Soft-bristled
  • Shaped for their smaller mouths
  • Able to clean their new permanent teeth with ease
  • Approved by the ADA


In addition, there are many toothpaste options available. They’ll find a wide array of colors and flavors to choose from. Again, you want to let them decide, but make sure it is:

  • Fluoridated
  • Approved by the ADA


Get Some Help

While you are the first line of defense against cavities in your child’s mouth, the dentist is there to help you. Make sure you take your kid to their bi-annual checkups so that they can have a professional exam and cleaning. If there are any problems, you want them caught early so treatment will be a breeze. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the dentist in between visits if you have further questions.


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