Peoria Dentist Brings out the Greatness in your Smile!


We all have greatness within. And do you know what reflects your innermost love for life? Your smile! This is true for all of us, and it has been proven throughout numerous research studies over decades of time. Human nature dictates that we like to observe objects of beauty. Well, there is no better way to enhance your social and professional life by making your smile just that; an object of beauty.


Isn't that Vain?


Wanting to exhibit attractive features is not about vanity. At its core, this desire is about the feeling of the beauty. How would you feel if, right this moment, you had the smile you really wanted? What if that chip was hidden? That gap closed? What if your teeth could be bright and straight and healthy? How does that feel? Pretty good, doesn't it? And you know what? It feels good to others, too.


Some of the most remarkable research that has been conducted has let us know just what an attractive smile can do. In one study, what a smile was shown to do is make a better impression on a potential employer. Hiring managers revealed to researchers that a person with attractive facial features, including good teeth, earned a more favorable response than applicants who may not have had what we would call a winning smile.


If you are interested in looking the part that you play in life; a confident, friendly, open friend, spouse, potential spouse, business owner, or employee, we can help you. Your Peoria dentist offers a number of treatments to set you on the right path:


• Stain removal. Smile brightening is simpler than ever and safer. When stains accumulate beneath the surface of teeth, the smile is dulled. It can become dingy. This does make a good first impression! We perform whitening in our office, and also offer home whitening. Both methods are just as effective at lifting your smile to new heights.


• Disguising damage. Dental veneers have made it possible for adults to change the shape of a tooth, to lengthen all of their front teeth, to close a gap, disguise a chip, and much more. Using quality porcelain material, your dentist can recreate your smile without losing an ounce of that a la natural look.


We love helping our patients fall in love with their smile! Call your Peoria dentists today at (309) 688-7321 to schedule an appointment.

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