Quit the Habit of Biting Your Nails with the Help of Your Peoria Family Dental Care


One of the most common bad habits there is out there is biting your nails. It’s a nervous habit for many people due to anxiety, or it could simply be that people need something to do with their hands. There are multiple reasons that biting fingernails is harmful for you and a lot of those reasons include your oral health. Your dentist in Peoria & Moline, IL is here to explain why nail biting is not safe.


It is Unsanitary
Think of all of the things that you touch, all day long. While you may continuously wash your hands or even put hand sanitizer on them, your hands aren’t always fully clean, especially underneath your nails. If you continue to do this, you could easily make yourself sick with all of the bacteria you’re taking from your nails and putting in your mouth.


You Can Chip a Tooth
Aggressive nail biters can easily chip or break a tooth with their consistent nibbling. Fingernails aren’t very soft, made to last and protect the sensitive skin underneath. If you’re vigorously biting at your nails, it can do so much as to weaken your teeth and even crack them. There’s a reason that they make those nail clippers!


It Can Cause TMJ & Bruxism
If you’re unfamiliar with TMJ, it stands for temporomandibular joint, which affects your jaw. This disorder can cause jaw pains, including locking and popping of your jaw, and headaches. Bruxism is another term for grinding and clenching of your teeth, which can quickly wear a tooth down to almost nothing.


While some of these are extreme cases of what can happen if you continue to bite your nails, they are very probable if this bad habit continues. If you have any other questions or want further explanation of the above, feel free to contact our dentist in Peoria & Moline, IL for more information at this number (309) 688-7321 or making an appointment here today!

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