Dentist in Peoria IL discusses which water works best for your teeth 


Raise your glasses and give a toast to . . . WATER! Water is so important to such bodily functions as transporting nutrients to the body, proper digestion, saliva production, and maintenance of body temperature. 

The brain ensures your body maintains the correct level of water, 60 percent, signaling the kidneys how much should be excreted in the urination process that removes not only toxins from the body but excess water.

When low on water your brain signals to the body the feeling of thirst. It is wise to listen to the body and drink water, juice, coffee or tea or water-soluble foods such as fruit and veggies. (anything but alcohol, which tends to dehydrate the body)

Water matters! Besides being a strategy for weight loss amongst those seeking to lose weight, as your body feels fuller and thus takes in fewer calories; water is necessary for the maintaining of healthy skin tone and helping the muscles of body retain strength through the hydration of the cells in the muscles when exercising brings fluid loss through sweating. Water keeps electrolytes in check and prevents feeling faint. Yes, the body will shut down quite fast if water is deprived.

So, while we advocate water as the beverage of choice over the sugar-filled juices and “shudder” that four-letter word that brings any dentist to cringe: ‘SODA!’ … There comes also the consideration of which water works best for your teeth?  While the general public has embraced pure bottled spring water as the means to drinking healthy water, that very process of purification by water manufacturers may be filtering out the natural fluoride minerals that are in water while negating water fluoridation added to community water supplies that flow from your tap, that is being credited as aiding in the prevention of cavities in children and adults.

Life is always a balancing act and if bottled water is your preference, speak to your Dentist in Peoria IL with regards ensuring enough fluoride is being taken in for the strengthening of your teeth enamel. Your Dentist in Peoria IL may recommend adding fluoride drops or a specific fluoride toothpaste. 

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