Save Your Teeth from These Harmful Habits Along with Our Peoria Cosmetic Dentist


It’s no surprise that everybody indulges on bad habits once in a while. Of course, there’s a reason that they’re called bad habits. Avoiding them is always your best bet, but some of them seem harmless. Unfortunately, there are several habits that a patient may do that are harming their oral care. In order to protect your teeth, our Peoria cosmetic dentist lists habits that patients should avoid.


Biting Fingernails
While this is a common bad habit that many people do, biting your fingernails is extremely harmful to your teeth. Though they don’t seem strong enough to cause damage, you’re able to chip and crack your teeth. Also, your nails can get stuck in between your teeth if you’re not careful and they’re difficult to get out.


Chewing Ice
This may not be seen as a bad habit, but crunching and chewing on ice can cause serious damage to your teeth. Not only with the extreme temperature of ice sending sharp pains through your teeth because of sensitivity, but there’s a large possibility of chipping, cracking or breaking your teeth, too.


Using Teeth as Tools
Sometimes it’s easier to use your teeth to rip something, like opening a bag of chips or tearing off a tag, but this puts too much pressure on your teeth to be able to handle. This also causes chips, cracks, and breaks. This loosens your teeth, as well, making it more likely for your teeth to fall out over time if you continue.


There are other ways that you could be harming your teeth without you even knowing! Make sure you make an appointment with our Peoria cosmetic dentist in order to protect your teeth from any of the habits above. Call our office at (309) 688-7321 or click here to request an appointment online for your bi-annual check-up.

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