Peoria IL Dentist Protect Your Smile During Dental Emergencies

As the summer approaches, your general dentist in Peoria expects many patients to be spending a substantial amount of time outside, soaking up the rays. With that said, sometimes accidents can occur when we are outside, doing lawn work, playing with others and more. Today we will be discussing two of the most common dental injuries seen, and how to handle them at home.


Let’s say maybe you are handling some yard equipment, and the handle of a rake catches you up high, fracturing one of your teeth. One of the most important first steps is locating any large shards of the tooth and cleaning them off. Storing them in milk, not water, is a crucial follow-up- for you can often bring these to our office and they can be utilized in restoration. Following this, wash the mouth out with warm water to get any lingering sharp pieces out of the mouth to avoid lacerations. Make sure to ice the area of impact and not to play with damaged tooth with your tongue, again, to avoid further damage. Contact your general dentist in Peoria when you have handled this situation and we will see when we can have you in to look at restorative options.


What if the kids are out playing and it gets a little out of control…Timmy gets his adult tooth knocked out. Besides calming him down and icing down the point of injury, many of the same steps as above apply. Find the tooth, clean it off and store it in milk until your appointment at our Peoria dental office. If you want to attempt it, you can place the tooth back in the socket- just do not twist or force it in, to avoid further damage.


We wish to state that for an injury that is more serious than these listed above, PLEASE do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 and seek attention from a hospital before contacting our office.


Your general dentist in Peoria wishes that our patients are always safe but understand accidents can happen. No matter if you break a tooth, lose one or have another mishap- just know that we will be here after the trauma to help you sort it out and restore your beautiful smile.


To schedule an appointment in our Peoria office, please call (309) 688-7321 today!




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