See if Your Peoria Dentist can Provide Dental Implants for Your Children

An accidental loss of a tooth is known as tooth avulsion in dental circles. This is considered to be a dental emergency that is treated with a lot of seriousness. This is due to the fact that when there is avulsion of a primary tooth, reimplantation is usually not successful. However, when you act fast, there are high chances that the tooth can be saved and maintained for a long period of time.


Even where the best intentions and techniques are used, these may not necessarily lead to a successful outcome.


Causes of tooth avulsion

An avulsed tooth can happen when there is enough force that ends up breaking the bond between the tooth and the connection to a bone. An avulsed tooth lacks blood or oxygen flow and where reimplantation is not done quickly, the tooth will die. The aim of a quick reimplantation is to ensure that the periodontal ligament is maintained to prevent the tooth from getting rejected.


There are several factors that affect the success of tooth reimplantation and these include:

·         Its cleanliness

·         How wet or hydrated the tooth is

·         The speed of reimplantation


Can my child benefit from dental implants?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “no”. This is because dental implants are only done after the jaw’s bone has completely grown. When the dental implants are placed during the growth, this can hinder jaw growth and the proper tooth movement into the natural area of the mouth. For males, the earliest age that is recommended for dental implants is 17 years. Females can benefit from the procedure as early as 15 years.


There are teenagers who would like to replace their missing tooth the soonest possible. Some of the options available for them include:


·         Flipper. This involves the use of a removable appliance that fills the space of the missing tooth

·         Braces. Braces can be used to fill the missing space


Dental bonding. This involves the use of a replica tooth to replace the missing tooth.

According to National Institute of Health, there are a few studies that advocate for the use of dental implants in kids while others contraindicate their use. Talk to your dentist to understand the risk involved.

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