Treat an Abscessed Tooth by Your Dentistry in Peoria

When people think of a person getting an infected tooth, they often think of the gum line bleeding and being slightly swollen. However, this is referred to as abscessed tooth and for anyone who has had these, they will say that they are slightly painful and completely serious. Those who do feel as though they are developing an abscess they are going to find that they need to visit their dentist as soon as possible. Abscessed teeth are not something that you want to mess around with.


What is an Abscessed Tooth?


The textbook definition of an abscessed tooth is an infection that has spread from the root tip to around the root of the tooth. The infection is originating from the inner chamber of the tooth. What makes this tooth no longer fight off the infection? It is believed that the tooth has simply been weakened and has lost its ability to fight the infection. Some of the signs of an abscessed tooth include:


  • It can be painful
  • There is a throbbing sensation to this
  • There may be a knot on the gums
  • The gums may bleed


Seeking Medical Attention


It is very unsafe to leave any type of infection untreated. For those who believe they have an abscessed tooth, they need to ensure that they are getting the proper care. This care may include:


  • Clearing the infection with oral antibiotics or opening the tooth to remove the infection
  • A root canal is often followed up once the infection has been cleared
  • If there has been a lot of damage to the root of the tooth, extraction is always an option


These are all processes in which your dentist will have to talk over with you and give their professional opinion on what you should do. However, under no circumstances should someone let these abscesses go and think that it will heal itself. This could be dangerous! Instead, be sure to get medical attention from your dentistry in Peoria as soon as possible to avoid more damage.

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