Why a Peoria area dentist may suggest the placement of dental implants


A Peoria Heights dentist who cares about the smile is an important professional to have in one’s life. Dentists are concerned for the wellness of one’s oral health. They want patients to build a proper foundation of good dental care techniques and habits to ensure a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Drs. Jeffrey S. Whitson and Gary Cunningham of Peoria Heights, Illinois encourage patients and families to visit the practice to learn about reconstructive dentistry. Restorations such as dental implants are growing in popularity as an option for replacing missing teeth.


Missing teeth can be a problem for patients of all ages. When natural adult teeth have been lost, they cause patients to feel self-conscious about their smile when there is a noticeable gap. Patients may have trouble speaking and eating properly depending on how many teeth have been lost. Additionally, bone loss can occur, causing the remaining teeth to become loose. Drs. Jeffrey S. Whitson and Gary Cunningham often suggest dental implants for patients who are missing one or more teeth from the dental arch.


Dental implants are titanium restorations. They look like small hardware screws and are surgically placed into the bone of the jaw. They stimulate the process of osseointegration which is the growth of bone. This bone helps solidify the restoration in place and make it stronger than any other treatment option available. Dental implants can last a lifetime, making them a wonderful investment for many of our patients considering permanent tooth replacement solutions.


Drs. Jeffrey S. Whitson and Gary Cunningham are dentists in the Peoria Heights, IL area who are excited to provide patients with the placement and restoration of dental implants. If you are interested in learning about dental implants and your candidacy, we encourage you to make an appointment at our family-friendly practice. Call us at (309) 688-7321 or visit our facility at 924 E. Glen Avenue. We welcome new and existing patients and families into our practice and want to help children and adults achieve and maintain their oral health and wellness for years to come!

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