Your Peoria, IL Dentist Helps Treat Sensitivity

For those who suffer with sensitivity in their teeth, they know just how painful this can be. It is going to make it harder to eat anything that is cold or super-hot. It can make even breathing out of one’s mouth hard. So, what can you do? A dentist can provide you with a better outline of what you need to do, along with finding the actual cause of the sensitivity. However, there are a few things that you can do this to treat your sensitivity.
Dealing with the Sensitivity
There are several home remedies that are out there, however, be sure that you are only using the methods that are approved by your dentist. Some of the aspects to keep in mind:
1. Do not brush the affected tooth too hard, as this can cause even more pain.
2. Brushing your teeth more are not going to help, in fact, this could make it worse.
3. Ensure your toothpaste contains fluoride to help with building the enamel on the tooth.
4. Consider getting a fluoride varnish from the dentist for this tooth that is sensitive.
5. Use a toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitivity.
Remember that your dentist can provide more direction as to what you need to do to get your teeth back into great health.
Why are Teeth Sensitive?
Why are your teeth becoming sensitive? Many people have never had an issue with their teeth being sensitive before, so it comes as a surprise when they suffer from this. There are a few theories, but it should be known that the real cause is still being researched. Some of the theories include:
- Excessive or improper brushing
- Using toothbrushes that are hard or worn
- Enamel is eaten away by acids
- Tooth decay
Each person is going to be different. While some people may be able to pinpoint their sensitivity, others cannot do this. Be sure to visit your Peoria, IL dentist to find out if the recession of your gums could be to blame for this. In addition, we can give you some great advice on how to do deal with this.
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